Indoor Gardens Product Range

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Welcome to Berco Indoor Gardens

At Berco Indoor Gardens we pride ourselves on offering our clients a range of plants and planters that will transform your space and provide a feeling of harmony and well-being.

Berco’s priorities are continuous, never-ending improvement; exceeding customer expectations and doing it right the first time. From your very first contact with our company, through to meeting with our sales team and regular visits by our maintenance team, you will experience our commitment to “constant never-ending improvement."

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Cape Town (Head Office)Tel: 021 672 4711|Fax: 021 672 4712
BloemfonteinTel: 051 411 5700|Fax: 051 411 5707
East LondonTel: 043 722 5364/9|Fax: 043 722 5352
Port ElizabethTel: 041 581 2901|Fax: 041 581 2451
GeorgeTel: 044 874 1529|Fax: 086 691 9365
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